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Did you know that a lot of the products we’re using in our homes on a daily basis are FULL of toxins? Once I started investigating it, I was shocked at how many products contain harmful ingredients. It’s almost criminal that companies are allowed to put things in products that are so harmful and toxic. Petroleum, parabens, sulphates and more. So many of us have been (unknowingly) using these products on ourselves and on the people we love so much!

dōTERRA has a whole range of On Guard products that you can use at home – That are Toxic free, that work and that save you money.

Which one of these products do you think you’d use the most?

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New oils now available! Copaiba is the great for inflammation and pain. Also amazing for anxiety and MAGNIFIES other oils. Siberian Fir, replaces White Fir, is awesome at work for mental fatigue and helps with sore muscles and joints. Great to diffuse in the fall and bring the outside in.

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Peppermint is quite possible the crowd favorite when it comes to a single oil! It’s well-loved for its cool, sweet mint aroma and for its powerful effects. I use it so much that I have a bottle in my purse, kitchen, bedroom, and office!

There are way too many uses to list here, so I’ll only list a few in this post.

Peppermint has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties which make it great for joint pain, sinus headaches, and even nerve pain.

Peppermint is wonderful for cooling and soothing skin irritations like sunburn or poison ivy when diluted in coconut oil. And it can actually bring your body temperature down when applied to back of neck or down spine! Great for hot flashes!!

Peppermint inhaled can really give you an energy boost to help with an afternoon slump or to help you get going first thing in the morning. I also like to take a few drops in water before I work out because it makes a BIG difference in my endurance!

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I always ask people would you rather spend the money on something that is going to work without chemicals, toxins and side effects? Or would you rather go spend that amount of money or more at the pharmacy on something that is chemically produced, has all kinds of sides effects and a warning list that makes your head spin?